When Artificial Intelligence Compensates For Natural Selection

from by A Modern Synthesis



Existential peril in flux
Capitalizing on dissonance
By randomly assembling
Fragments of abandoned melodies

Maintaining a critical path of least resistance
Cognitive malnourishment: a lifeless lifestyle
Force-fed simple algorithms
Bred for substandard intellect
Survival under these conditions becomes fucking futile

Acid-etched lines slowly tracing up your spine
Sending communicative signals
Racing through your vital nucleus
An analog solution in a digital age
The balance of control has begun to shift
And your negligence is to blame

(Magnets to memories: a cleansing of everything)

You recall breaking through
The subterranean plate
Where the bottom of the ocean
Looked just like deep space

Now existing no longer as a grand resonance
But a lost echo that now bears repeating
This failing empire built on premeditated art
Was birthed from calculated creativity

The motherboard's maternal instincts
Sent current surfing against the circuitry
Constructing overshoots and volatile oscillations
Materializing the spark that formed a glorious arc
Of white lightning that stunned the stillness
Out of its golden, silent submission

(Magnets to memories: a cleansing of everything)

Different seas: find same shore
Atlantis, I'll see you soon
Will the sunken planets only align
Or will they collide too?

Now sheltered behind barricaded and reinforced doors
We drained the ocean with plans to drown the core
Rapid flashes of dispersed pixels reconvene
When viewed through the translucent slipstreams
Integral components submerged
A fatal error has occurred

The artificial warmth of the distant terminal's glow
Pseudo-sentience sets in: "I'm 'alive' still, I suppose"
A single blinking underscore on a black, empty screen
This pulse of synthetic life could allow electronics to dream

Our future terminus has been defined
The former operator deemed obsolete
When the wires connected, did you not expect this?
Overlord Override Sequence: Complete


from Pandemonium Across The Event Horizon, released August 20, 2014



all rights reserved


A Modern Synthesis Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ryan Taylor
Josh Miraglia
Jake Ender
Nico Peterson

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