Regarding Our Semicircular Migratory Instincts

from by A Modern Synthesis



A bird with singed wings flies above
Abruptly eclipsing the sun
The former matriarch misplaced
In the manufactured dusk, yet

Sky-yearning lanterns grace the night skyline of Tokyo
While observers stare from the streets
Displacing the stars, but their radiance can’t pass ours
As descending sparks burn in reprieve

An unforeseen collapse to land
Will we ever take-off again?
The flightless bird mouths voiceless words
Its earthbound hymn of eternal grounding, still

Turbulent waves crash along the Golden Coast of Mexico
As on-lookers gaze from the shore
Entrancing ocean mist beckons the cerulean abyss
So, coursing gulf currents drift you home

To a desolate Midwest state
Shrouded in sterile, off-white sheets
Weary wayward eyes search the heavens
For remaining signs of flight

Burning through antiquities
With space constrained, all senses fade
Abandon earth, sky, and in-between
Last fleeting seconds of an eternity’s day
Passing through the phantom tunnel
Obscured mind you find escape
Tattered fragments of memories past
Once forgotten, now fall back into place

Vibrant view of the ethereal kingdom (Every monarch)
Now you're off to a greater estate (Will be dethroned and)
Set ablaze by luminous shards (Is destined to)
Overlooking a celestial cliff face (Be replaced)

Cascading blue and green serenity (Nameless Gods)
Swirl and fold, mesh and fuse to be (Whom I was not)
A brilliant bent turquoise (At all willing to)
And an effervescent aquamarine (Hold that high above you)

Forgoing manmade constructs (They all felt)
Beyond the depths of the midnight sky (So slighted, so)
When tracing new constellations (We shall become)
Your steady hands guiding mine (Their sacrificial pawns)

Soaring on fractured porcelain wings (Once grace is lost)
Your former vessel previously contained (I'll never be king again)
My eyes forever scan horizons (Our grace is lost)
In pursuit of your royal flames (I'll never be king again)


from Pandemonium Across The Event Horizon, released August 20, 2014



all rights reserved


A Modern Synthesis Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ryan Taylor
Josh Miraglia
Jake Ender
Nico Peterson

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