The crystalline lair in which we slept
Watched bird after bird fly into and break their necks
Their limp bodies sprawled out on the pavement
Their limp bodies sprawled out on the pavement

I think of their babies waiting in the nest
And spouses waiting up all night for them
No one will ever find out where they went
No one will ever figure out why they’ve left

We all looked down below at the ground and wept
“I wish I could have done something more to help”
But secretly craved the abuse, and
Silently savored the amusement

While perched up high atop our ivory thrones
Formed of tiny, bleached, white orphan bones
Our ebony hearts plated in gold
Our ebony hearts plated in gold

And when the patron saint of philanthropists
Clawed at the armored walls of our ecosystem
We knew that his efforts were worthless
He eventually came to that conclusion, too

To prove that absence makes the heart grown fond
I'd claim that my humanity was my first love
Dearest God what have I done?
Oh good Lord what have I become?


from Pandemonium Across The Event Horizon, released August 20, 2014



all rights reserved


A Modern Synthesis Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ryan Taylor
Josh Miraglia
Jake Ender
Nico Peterson

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