Chasing the rising sun
Back to its native land
Soaring on synthetic wings
Traversing the Earth again
Thousands of feet, descending
Clouds still touch the ground
Crossing the Prime Meridian
Still a few hours left 'til touchdown

Stateside, overseas
It's all the fucking same to me

Except you
A transatlantic world away from me
Enciphered signals span the sea, and
We're bleeding out the lust
As it coagulates to love

See shattered slivers of self
In jagged linear streaks
Reflections cast from thin puddles
Between wet cobblestones in the street
Stumbling drunk alone

Without you
Transatlantic worlds away from me
Encrypted signals sail the sea, and
We're bleeding out the lust
As it coagulates to love

Realized growing up and growing old
Are two separate things
One’s a choice; and other’s a woken dream

Departures and arrivals force continental drifts
But a final red-eye across the ocean could break me free from this
Do you remember feeling young and in love?
Do you remember obsessing over what you'd hoped you'd become?
Moderately successful yet miserable and never quite wealthy enough

Still got a ways to go
'Til this distance will lead to milestones
But like the setting sun whets the rising tide
This constant sense of us is keeping me alive


from Pandemonium Across The Event Horizon, released August 20, 2014



all rights reserved


A Modern Synthesis Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ryan Taylor
Josh Miraglia
Jake Ender
Nico Peterson

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