Electrodactyl Vs. Gothapotamus

from by A Modern Synthesis



The mountains have been scaled
The seven seas are sailed
The jungles, explored
But I refuse to be bored

Cosmetic consumer distractions
Purchasing power perturbs how much to the curb
Incessant infant contractions
Reproducing fleshed flowers, just more cattle to cower
Self-fulfilling family contraptions
Struggling to survive the hardships of a sour life
Manufactured religious abstractions
Searching for a truth, but cannot find a use

I must abandon this putrid place
For the empty healing of desolate space

I don't drift, I drive
I don't float, I fly

Sitting in pairs
Our earthly affairs
The minutiae of cares
Will soon be incinerated
By the fury of our flares

I will wipe my ass with the porcelain clouds
Then shatter the shit to the vomit-stained ground

I don't drift, I drive
I don't float, I fly
I soar and explore forevermore

Peering out into the blackest abyss
Dark heavens, unrivaled bliss

A cosmic crusader
An outer-worldly arbitrator

From up here, I can see it all
Stars wished upon now not so far
Sadistic humor ensues as I realize
Such greedy dreams will never reach your eyes

Feeling the fever
Pushing the psychotic lever
Emotionally levee of distaste break
Humanity must be erased
Give me the controls
Remove yourself from the hull
'Cause outer space is so cold
And this crash can warm our souls

Would you disconnect me from the ship?
Force my life into fate's chaotic grip

Call your world saved
It will die another day

Though I'm faced with an untimely demise
My goals and dreams have reached my eyes
Driven by my disgust with complacency
I continue to ponder the atrocities
Floating and drifting throughout time
Now my spirits are free to fly
While civilization hugs the floor
I soar and explore


from Pandemonium Across The Event Horizon, released August 20, 2014



all rights reserved


A Modern Synthesis Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ryan Taylor
Josh Miraglia
Jake Ender
Nico Peterson

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